Monday, June 12, 2017

Flight coin?

The flight cryptocoin  measures the median flight ticket in the USA. Owners of flight coin can bet the official ticket price which is produced by some robotic means of price indexing. Pit boss pays even money over the horizon.

Now, in betting under no arbitrage, your best bet is to bet your own action.  If you are a big corporation and plan on some heavy flying, go buy flight coin, as you will drive up the price of a median ticket. You have inside information.  Airlines will get flight coins from you when you buy tickets.  Your corporation and the airlines have created the virtual charter flight network just for your company. 

A token or a coin?

The industry could do this with the tax dollar, just meet the conditions for zero bound.  So, we have a choice and a semantic issue.  Can the traveler sign up and get a contract token, or does he always carry the special coin?  I dunno at the moment.

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