Monday, June 12, 2017

Not without S&L tech

Japan’s Largest Online Travel Agent Bringing Bitcoin to 1400+ Hotels This Summer


If you include auto traded S&L tech then signalling of future actions becomes oh so efficient, and the hotel owners and resort owners will be so in love with any tech that let's its smartest users tap the icon and join the buyer's club.

Hardware wallets folks are prepping for a huge market, get a secure element onto every traveler's hand. Where is the travelers credit and loan auto-pit?

Consider the most obvious application. You spend a grand on airline tickets and fly coach each year. That is valuable, it is less inventory volatility when inventory is expensive airplane flights. When hotels and airlines both have similarities, the economies gain. The user is the above average traveler, and banks at the traveler's bank, in bitcoin if preferred. The traveler has tapped the travelers bank icon, and became automatically contracted to be a typical coach traveler. The user has self-ordered by agreement, and uses the red/green when traveling. The user banks, likely a grand in bitcoin, at the traveler's auto traded, asynchronous, adjustable rate S&L. The bank owner carries a tiny portion of the market and makes gazillion on traveler's ads.

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