Sunday, June 4, 2017

The nurses union owns the Cal senate

Three of the dirtiest words in health care are “fee for service.”
For years, U.S. officials have sought to move Medicare away from paying doctors and hospitals for each task they perform, a costly approach that rewards the quantity of care over quality. State Medicaid programs and private insurers are pursuing similar changes.
Yet the $400 billion single-payer proposal that’s advancing in the California legislature, passed by the state Senate last week and headed for the Assembly, would restore fee-for-service to its once-dominant perch in California.
A state Senate analysis released last week warned that fee-for-service and other provisions in the legislation would “strongly limit the state’s ability to control costs.” Cost containment will be key in persuading lawmakers and the public to support the increased taxes that would be necessary to finance this ambitious, universal health care system for 39 million Californians.

It is the Darryl Steinberg plan,
The unions go to he Cal senate and pay them directly to sign some document. No thought at all went into the procedure, the news reads too much into this.

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