Sunday, June 4, 2017

There is no politically correct salve for an entitlement slave

Sally Kohn Knows Just How To Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism

Yet another bonehead who thinks the UK has a secret hypnotic message to make entitlement slave behave. This is magic Walrus writ large, "See here, your great, great, great grandchildren might get a welfare check, all you have to do is wear these slave chains for the rest of your life"

UK citizens, quit faking it.  You went to Africa and the Middle East and imported slave labor, Germany did it, France did it; and it was done in the name of liberalism, it is racist slavery, pure and simple. Now you are fucked, you are a bunch of dopes that believed the Magic Walrus and you are fucked, sorry. Just hope they use smaller nails, as Katie Perry suggests.

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