Monday, September 4, 2017

No evidence cited

Trump cut the Obamacare ad budget.  The claim is the fewer healthy people sign up when ads are cut.  Maybe not, maybe the ads encourage unhealthy and discourage the healthy.  The ads state, "cheap health care paid by the middle class" . The null hypothesis is that healthy people tend to be smarter than the unhealthy and the more healthy people know the less they buy.
ObamaCare advocates said there is no way to fill the void left by the Trump administration’s decision to slash 90 percent of funding for enrollment outreach for the health law, potentially creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.“There’s no way outside nonprofit organizations like ours can make up for the significant resource loss that will occur by virtue of this decision,” Craig Obey, deputy executive director of Families USA, said in an email to The Hill.
Cutting outreach via advertising and other services will likely result in fewer people insured, according to experts. Those who don’t sign up will likely be healthier than average, which will end up pushing premiums higher. 

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