Monday, April 3, 2017

California's lunatic legislature

Our Dishonest President

Here we have a set of LA Times editors who discover there is no Magic Walrus in the Swamp.  

Omigod, they think.  If there is no Magic Walrus in the swamp then who in he hell is going to make everything right when the lunatic California  legislature goes off the reservation?

After all, says the Times, we were told by some dingbat in SF that magic occurs in the swamp. God forbid the the LA Times every really take a close look at the volatile and costly interaction of California delusion Dems and the Magic Walrus.

For example, Nancy invites a billion poor people to come to LA and live in the streets. The LA Times thinks that fine and dandy because the Magic Walrus makes everything OK.  Now LA is frigged, the LA Time participating in screwing the place.

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