Saturday, April 29, 2017

Details on my new hybrid piston-electro conversion

I have the transformer concept going and use magnetic fields to replace the weighted crank shaft and transfer required torque to the piston.  The piston rod is wound with a primary, possibly electrified with a mild current.  The outside coil is the secondary, delivering much greater induced current into the propeller or wheel electro drive system.  The transmission control is all electronic, needing only to managed the smaller primary current.

There will exist a large power factor capacitor, but nothing much bigger than the clutch it replaces.

So we can see the weight loss is tremendous since the weight of a magnetic field much less than the mass it replaces. We get large, thick copper coils at the primary and secondary, but the larger mass of copper should be stationary, and the primary coil simply moves vertically. All he power bearings one except at the electro drive, valve and sparks times electronically as part of torque management.  Each, of a set of pistons, need only be integrated via electronic phase difference, not directly connected, except for collective fuel management.

Even further, we have opportunities to separate the piston drives on a per propeller basis, using direct power to stabilize flight, directly connected to an integrated electronic control. We get a very simple three prop stabilized system to make a V22 Osprey that really works.

Even further, we have the opportunity to bind the pistons with magnetically coupled secondary coils, possible parallel or series wound together.  This make heat management much easier since the magnetic flux is not always constantly dense at each separate piston. The copper will be generating heat which needs management.  Nor are we limited to linear piston arrangements.  With proper windings we can do circular arrangements,. even adding a tertiary coil to pack up the combined flux  of four or five pistons.

What about fine tuning the combustion stroke

No problem if you control the mild current on the piston rod.  We control all compression and exhaust profiles and optimize for maximum combustion.

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