Sunday, April 9, 2017

Getting the brick and mortars back up

This is a bit of education for the retailers, their job is to match the supply chain to the consumer segment. The stores will automatically be customer oriented, nothing is more customer oriented than a glitter stick in a paradise of price beacons.  The equilibrium is that the customer can chose delivery serves anywhere, anytime with known odds of arrival.  So we can see what the bots have done to your customer, the object tapped in the store magically appear at the doorstep some time later.  The cost of shopping drops dramatically, and chains can be customized by isolating segmented supply chains.  The customers should flock back.  This is a doable, something we can set up in the new beta sandbox, and the do-re-me is available.  For the app developer it is simple, the store is a screen full of price icons, treat it like on line shopping via sand box.

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