Sunday, April 9, 2017

Give a button to click

I promise to click the button and release the Redneck reference design into venture funding, thus doing my duty.
Dry powder available in venture capital funds has reached a record level at more than $121 billion, which could lead to even more dealmaking after high activity in recent years, according to a new Goldman Sachs report.Venture capital funds raised $64 billion in global capital last year, up from $55 billion in 2015, Goldman said in the first installment in a new report series that will monitor the venture investment landscape. Investment has also shifted globally, with Asia’sshare of global venture capital reaching 38 percent in 2016, growing from 11 percent just three years earlier. Interestingly, corporate venture capital is on the rise, with larger public companies taking stakes in private companies. Last year corporate VCs participated in nearly $25 billion in funding, or 23 percent of total VC investment, across 1,373 deals.

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