Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I make bold prediction about mathematicians

A Retiree Discovers an Elusive Math Proof—And Nobody Notices

I predict.

This guy has a great sense of humor. If you look closely you will see the silent laughter of someone who stares at the ceiling and imagines loose bits running around in orbits.

This guy is brilliant.

I would have found this guy first, if I was doing my job as a blogger.

Finally, I did not read his proof, I looked at the problem.  I am going to guess at his proof.  He showed that a succession of finite logs can be found that match the constraints with an error that decreases and meets Ito's condition, leading to a fixed point, proof complete.  Just a wild guess, but it is how I do it. I guess at the proof, then read the paper against my guess.

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