Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's gold, make a real blockchain

The Royal Everything is delusional in the UK.  

Gold is like a real thing, not digits. It can be block chained all by itself. Spread the gold out among the major cities and promise two day delivery.  That is called a block gold chain, figure it out. Otherwise, for the Royal mints, your gold pile is useless.
Chicago-based exchange CME Group Inc and Britain's Royal Mint have started testing a blockchain-based platform for trading gold, as more projects using the emerging technology come closer to deployment.
CME Group announced on Tuesday that the new platform, built with technology companies AlphaPoint and BitGo, was being tested by a select group of "major financial institutions," and is on schedule for launch this year.

The new platform will allow institutions to trade "Royal Mint Gold," or RMG, a new digital token issued by the Royal Mint, which makes Britain's coins.

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