Saturday, April 8, 2017

Redneck claims no patent

There is a block chain patent for hardware that manages the static variables in the block format to reduce data movement, saving cycles.  Basically it is all about keeping pointers to static variables so they are not moved around.  Redneck price compression does not have this problem, since the mathematics define the optimum solution, and is unpatented.

 What about hardware versions of thepricing software? That is a tough one, it should not be patentable.  Hardware, software; its all silicon bits.  How can the patent officer distinguish?
Of note is that the technology in use has already been patented by developers Timo Hanke and Sergio Demian Lerner in a scheme called "AsicBoost" for which a patent was filed in November 2014.
Maxwell contends that someone has discovered what he called a "covert" version of the technology used in a mining chip. He did not state who conducted the analysis, whether him or a separate party.
Taking a step further into speculation, the inference of the post is that Segregated Witness, a scaling solution developed and proposed by the Bitcoin Core team, would render the covert version of AsicBoost discovered obsolete, hurting the bottom lines of any miners using the workaround.

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