Wednesday, April 5, 2017

That is the plan, not a side effect

Immigration and FBI agents Wednesday raided the San Gabriel Valley homes and offices of people targeted in a large-scale visa and financial fraud investigation.The suspects are believed to have collected as much as $50 million in bogus investments from dozens of Chinese people who were granted permission to live in the United States in exchange for the money.

Are we not paying attention?

Thus was a let over from the 2014 secession plot hatched my Pelosi and John Perez.  The idea was to tell all the little brown they get special passes, then give all the special passes to wealthy Chinese.  The wealthy Chinese then leave grandma and the kids to go to school using little brown taxes while the parents get two votes. Then the parents return  back to their home country and  earn dollars without California taxes.

According to Jerry, as long as we watch Zuckerberg kitten video and give our homes to Elon, we will all be fine.

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