Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Big Error in the Nixon Shock

After the helicopter of 1971, the system evolved to guarantee a safe rate, they went to fixing the ten year.  This happened under Greenspan when we went to rate fixing, essentially a guarantee that 'pit slop' is one standard unit, not 1.5 standard units.  Congress bnegan guaranteeing the sequence order o  arrival.  It became 'illegal' to time plot, and that means the single side Black-Sholes worked; no one knew howto do the double sided.  Little brown people guaranteed Newton Episcopalian god became the law of the land.

Speculating on cause and effect

Black-Scholes got invented in response to leaving the gold standard.  Then 30 years later we get QE, Roger Farmer and double sided option pricing.  Roger discovers our death is a shorter sequence  than our unpaid currency insurance debt. Hence, mathematicians corrected things.

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