Monday, April 17, 2017

The California Supreme Court has a real difficult problem

They are dealing with an unresolved 250 year problem.

Franciscan Law is incompatible with either the US constitution or English Law.  Franciscan law has always had a prohibition on free assembly. The Franciscans were great traders, lousy lawyers.

So, the court out here is going to decide the secession issue, they have no choice.  Their rulings will either be a violation of the US Constitution, or a violation of Franciscan Law, the prohibition against free assembly.  They have to choose sides on the issue.  Either choice leads to a restructure of the union because of the size of California, it is not a little Hoover.

All of the crap comes to a head now because the backlog of monetary insurance payouts causes us all to pile the unsustainable onto a single event.

Our founders made a decentralized city state system, redress meant walking a couple of  miles and actually talking to the priest and stating your case.  At the time, free assembly was loitering, no one ever though we might get together in groups and legislate. Nor were we ever trusted, that right was always restricted to conform with the original intent.

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