Sunday, April 16, 2017

The law, the law, the law

From Reason is another in the long line of taxpayers getting stuck for bad stadium deals.  Without going into the details, read this introduction of how the deal was concocted:  In secret, without commission approval, without voter knowledge.  That is the charge, correct or not.

Here is my point, the charges , as specified, makes the contract invalid, if proven. That means the judge can award a chunk of the Atlanta Braves to the taxpayers!  The contract is in dispute,  also the ownership of the Braves is thus in dispoute, they have a big friggen liability. Did the idiot lawyer for the Braves think that one out?

The Atlanta Braves christened Major League Baseball's newest stadium on Friday night with a 5-2 victory over the San Diego Padres in front of some 41,000 fans, most of whom seemed to actually make it into the stadium despite the nightmarish traffic jams and lack of parking at Sun Trust Field.
More on that in a moment.First, let's keep in mind that none of this would be possible without Cobb County, Georgia, taxpayers kicking in more than $400 million. More accurately, none of this would have been possible without one of Cobb County's former top government officials negotiating a secret deal with the Atlanta Braves to have taxpayers pay that amount for a new stadium, and without the rest of the Cobb County commission voting to approve the stadium deal at a supposedly public hearing where members of the public were prevented from voicing their opposition to the secretly crafted deal.

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