Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The same thing happened with Nixon and gold

Traders and people discovered Nixon was quite broken and dangerous, they ran the gold vault and we get market based currency.  Trump is right there,

The wallet vendors are gonna get their map together, to protect themselves from a sudden collapse. And we are up against a bunch of last gasp Yawkers trying out the aristocracy thing. These folks have no idea what they are up against, real and sandbox.  There will be lots of coordination failures, especially in New York, which is going to frighten the hell out of the Trumpster kids.  Rice farmers will be bombed.

The Overton window needs to open up so Trump knows it is not all his fault,  Explain to him about doing some defaults with the new technology.  We do not want these boneheads running off in hysterics. Especially Ned, he is barely functional.

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