Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Uncovering a California scam

The Democratic plan, which received its first committee approval on a party-line vote Monday, would raise $52.4 billion over 10 years through a variety of tax proposals. It would hike gasoline taxes by 12 cents a gallon and diesel taxes by 20 cents a gallon, plus it would increase the vehicle-license fee from $25 to $175 a year, depending on the value of the vehicle. The average fee boost would be $48 a year. Furthermore, the plan would impose a $100 a year fee on electric vehicles because their drivers don’t pay gas taxes
The bold face at the end is mine.  Here we see Jerry recovering some of that do-re-me he's been sending Elon.  The taxes received from electric vehicles will go to improving roads for the more efficient combustion engines.

Why the round trip?

It is a long term scam.  California has educated a generation of millennials on the Doonesbury cartoon plastic version of Ted Turner. So these kids are trained to imagine electric remote control cars are the neatest gagdet ever invented, never knowing they were invented at the turn of the century.  They never learned math in California public schools, cannot do end to end efficiency.

So the kiddies run up the Tesla stock, way up, Jerry collects a capital gains taxes. The Franciscans did the same thing, they charged at the for folks to look at the bible coloring book.


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