Saturday, April 8, 2017

What is the alternative to Trumpflation?

Isn't that why Trumpster formed the government efficiency committee? Who is on that committee? Cohn, Trump's bitcoin guy, Timmy, Elon, and Eric's kids; all on speed dial. These are the centrists who kicked Bannon out of the house.

What is on the mind of this group?

Internet of Things, and all these market analysts quoting trillion dollar markets.  They know, for example, that GS has their auto pricing engine up, as does Microsoft.  They are up against the deadline. How will government deal with the sandbox, how do they get their cut, and how do we manage the wealthy clients during the transition.  Nothing changes in government, except that the sandbox revolutionizes government in ways unknown. It is what is on the table, right on top of the pile.

Against this backdrop, some 2-3 billion people are getting secure elements.  

The kids working on that will have a robust multi-currency transaction format. They already know how to insert smart contracts into a secure element.  It is like that price quote on bitcoin going up to huge numbers, that is impossible.  This group in the Swamp and the senators will male sure they are not left out, the transition will be orchestrated, relatively smooth, and real soon. Wer are getting the gestalt, this will be smooth enough that risk is bounded for each of us.

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