Wednesday, July 5, 2017

And the police lie to cover up their own manslaughters

Alexander Bonds, the gunman who police say fatally shot New York City police officer Miosotis Familia as she sat in a police vehicle early Wednesday, had previously expressed outrage at police via social media posts.
And police engage in sudden assassinations also.  

Here is a test.  Mr. Bonds, if he lived, could claim a reasonable fear.  The cop, no doubt was armed, and cops are known for shooting first and lying second.  That is cause for reasonable fear.

We have seen at least two cops get off for involuntary manslaughter, one of them may have been voluntary when the cop shoots at a distance into someone's back.  So, sorry, we have to figure this out.  As long as cops are getting away with it, we  will wonder why citizens cannot do the same to cops.

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