Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The real user experience with bitcoin

Just like any other MasterCharge purchase.

The magic is in the intelligence above it, and you see that when you tap the personal accounts icon on your laptop.  The other magic is when you and your card interact with price beacons, investment apps, and buyer's clubs.

Underneath, you are using MasterCharge bitcoin, trademarked.  They transact in about a half dozen programmable methods.  But, you can hold MC Btc, leave them on deposit and borrow them, mostly at will.  This includes direct exchange as in gold nugget, all using the thing in your hand.

MC will call the bitcoin ledger when you request or when your trading bot requires.  MC can do this zero bound and verifiably. What you have gained is  central bank neutral accounting unit, but you can't pay taxes with it.

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