Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Did the millennials vote their own demise?

The United States faces a generational gap in wages with a very clear dividing line: between those who graduated before 2008, and those who finished college during and after that fateful year, which marked the depths of the Great Recession and global financial crisis.That’s because graduating during or in the immediate aftermath of the worst economic downturn since the 1930s meant sky-high unemployment rates — and rock-bottom wages for those lucky enough to get their foot in the door.
How much of this was due to Boomers imbalancing entitlements for their own benefit?

Millennials have a tough choice.  If they vote wrong on debt, they are stuck with a 20% increase in debt device, some 150 billion, starting in Sept.  If millennials vote wrong, they are permanently saddled in poverty.

Be careful about anything your professor may have said, especially at Berkeley, it is tainted.  Just ask yourself, "Self, how much of the debt did I actually vote for and how much was just handed to me by fraudulent boomers?

The outcome is important.  If millennials go  completely Magic Walrus, the new money tech will cause massive coordination failure in the senate.  The millennials vote is important, their voice will be heard over the next six weeks, and their future determined.

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