Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Substitute defendant

Trump and his team can decide whether to continue that appeal; pulling it would effectively cut off CSR payments unless Congress were to appropriate the funds.But on Monday, the court ruled that the 17 states and DC could intervene and continue the appeal. The court's ruling said ending the payments would be damaging to the states' citizens.
For fellow readers amazed at the judicial web, this one takes the cake.

Trump is being sued for doing something not approved by Congress.  Trump is threatening to concede the issue.   Now, this judge rules that we can substitute Trump, the defendant, who threatened to confess, with a new defendant who will not admit to breaking the law so as to ?? continue breaking the law?  Like we have one plaintiff and we get to substitute defendants until we get one we like. Absurd

No, these 17 states should just file a friend of the court brief,  Or the judge in the original case should dismiss for lack of evidence. After all, the majority of the House has ruled, in the majority, to continue delaying the suit as if they approved the law, in the majority.

This judge fucked up big time and will be laughed off the calendar. I call it the Sotomayor effect.

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