Thursday, August 10, 2017

THAAD does not do exo

JAPANESE DEFENSE MINISTER: Japan could legally intercept a Guam-bound North Korea missile.
Onodera told a lower house of parliament committee that Japan would be allowed to hit a missile headed towards the U.S. Pacific territory if it was judged to be an existential threat to Japan, Kyodo said. This is a reiteration of the Japanese government’s position.Experts say Japan does not currently have the capability to shoot down a missile flying over its territory headed for Guam.

Then Congress should fast-track selling them the THAAD systems to give them the capability.

Steve Green from instapundit.

Most of the imbeciles at Instapundit were molested by female teachers so they have his delusion of manliness they have to project.  They should skip the sexual hysteria and do a little science.

PS Exoatmospheric,meaning the target is above the atmosphere.

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