Saturday, May 13, 2017

Beckworth goes full sandbox

He is a macro dude, early critic of quantization, but goes fully auto traded cash here. 
My answer: sure, but only if they are targeting a NGDP futures market as proposed by Scott Sumner. This approach, after all, is fairly automatic by design and therefore conducive to our robot overlords taking over the Fed.
But, his tune changes a bit in smart layer, when we get the difference between time bets and odds making. 

 The message to the techies is: We are going sandbox, don't screw it up. How do

NGDP worl from the user's point of view

After all, that is what puts the do-re-me into the manufacturing of secure elements.  Here is how it works, it is a tough one.'The users (all six billion of us)  takes their secure elements and tap on the NGDP futures icon.  Henceforth,  one or more bots per user will be deployed  to trading pits with a bit error function matched to the user risk reference, which offers the even money bet on the tax dollar currency risk.

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