Sunday, May 14, 2017

LA Times celebrates our racist judiciary

Meet the Malibu lawyer who is upending California's political system, one town at a timeKevin Shenkman has been suing, or threatening to sue, cities all over Southern California, demanding they change the way they elect their city councils in order to increase the numbers of African-American and Latino representatives.

So, if the US Constitution applies, I can go re-sue the cities and boost the lilly whites.  Or else California is practicing genocide, which is it Jerry Brown, it is your sate. 

So, tell me American citizens. Do you support legal racial genocide? No, then either we start a civil war to stop it, or whites might appeal to the UN, have Putin send in the troops to stop a California Nazi genocide.

Otherwise, we could deploy a racist free sandbox, then those of us who retain respect don't have  to trade with the Nazis.

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