Friday, November 11, 2016

A Doonesbury cartoon creature

I see them everywhere, Colbert, Maher, that other guy.  Their model of the world is a series pf old Doonesbury cartoon panes, put together. Doonesbury sort of define chic, it set up the image of the Ted Turner plastic liberal.

They believe in a Magic Walrus, as defined by a comic book writer.

Colbert's writers took directly from Doonesbury, I know. Seriously.  the Colbert gag was to cut up some old cartoon strips, mix them up, and then the director added cues like , 'raise eye brow here', 'show wonderment'.  Colbert would hide these mixed up cartoons under the desk, and describe them to the audience.  He himself  had no clue, and his audience wasn't too bright.

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