Sunday, November 6, 2016

Anyone have the source for this?

Forbes: A new study from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirms what many banking customers have already experienced: Banks reorder debit card transactions in various ways that can lead to costly overdraft fees.
That’s because it’s not clear when or in which order the bank will post transactions. While some banks simply commingle all debit transactions others categorize debits by different transaction types and process them in a sequence of sub-batches, according to the CFPB.

Something happened, banks are no longer banks.  Here is another, the online transaction sequencer:

This sequence is pure hacker bait, a sure fire way to monitor the queue delays and jump ahead in line.  This is why we have the NYSE, this is writing a letter to Janet.

OK, banks, what happened? What happened to "Here is a sweaty wad of cash"  That's not online, they say.  Bitcoin does it, they aren't even a bank.

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