Thursday, November 10, 2016

Betting the entire nest of GDP data

Pit.boss = DataBet

Basically the pit ends up having a bit error function equal to the uncertainty in the data release value. My regular readers are getting pretty good at this by now, and ate thinking, the bets at 8 bits the payoff at 5, we get a 5 digit probability function around bit error zero, a bell cure, equal payoff minus transaction costs

But the bean counters produce a Yuge chunk of data.  Won't insiders at the BEA cheat? I hope so, they should down load trading pit and DataBet and run some betting amongst themselves, keep a feed open hey can just connect in to the network.

Traders, the geeks with hundreds of lines of python.   All python knows where the data is released, free to run  the graph there, here, compute some estimates, then drop some singletons.  The traders will have much more accurate predictors, the insiders more insightful, and fun for everyone.  The outcome? I have no idea, a complete mystery.  But making trading pits that spawn and bet data anywhere, anytime, no problem, if you have the betters.

It is not spooky stuff, no  more than  linking up sqlite data bases.  It all the transactions are simple  cash for some fulfillment.  i  sqlite that is tthe equivalent to, here is key, find value.  But the portal is run a bit stuffed.

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