Sunday, November 6, 2016

Great work Wirex

Crypto Coin News: Wirex gets it.  Cryptos are only as valuable as the accompanying level of usability. Is this what mass adoption of bitcoin looks like?UK-based group Wirex is now offering a free virtual debit card through its pre-existing app. A user can easily download the app, register their account, download the card and then choose to load it with a variety of currency options.(Currently EUR, GBP, USD or BTC.) The card can then be used to perform fiat-to-fiat conversions, as an online banking platform accessible worldwide, to verify Paypal accounts, among many things. The card can also be used in any place that Visa or Mastercard are accepted.

Great news.  Now Card Logix wants Wirex to port their software over to the smart card. A good idea, that way users don't give a frig if their telephone is all that hacked, at least their money is safe.

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