Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I have Jeff Bridges to play Junipero in my musical

I have been stereo typecasting for my politically incorrect musical The Franciscans, a story about the founding of California and the Beach Boys. I try my best to be a racist prick in my selection, here is what I have.

Jeff Bridges! I saw him in True Grit, he did Great Labowski. I said no to  Mickey Rourke, but I think he did a better Frances than the pope.

Jeff will need some song and dance training., I have him leading a troupe of Parachute Kids in a frolick at the beach, you will love it, it has a Beach Boys beat.

I have Uncle Sam, he will be played by Sam Jackson, and Sam will play him as Uncle Remos, ex slave; First President of the Swamp.  I have some black face melodies ready to really rile up the  black radicals, and Sam can to the job.

I need Jane Fonda to play the Spanish conquistador, reprive her role in Barbarella. She will be good with the whip. The parachute Kids are scared of the women. Tom Cruise is out, until I write in a part for the  sexually perturbed.

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