Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's like that Tom Hanks movie

He is a Fed Ex employee, a regional manager, he uncongests jammed graphs. He was willing to stop in the middle of a street and set up three or four sorting benches and workers, right there, where the Fed Ex trucks got jammed.  But it was fixed price, meaning here that none of the destinations changed, hence the bid/ask, the parcels, were on a pay for service, they pay a fixed price and they yhe optimum route up the graph.  They meet their destination when bid and ask annihilate, when the recipient opens the package.

So, in a pay per server, the bid/ask pair get exactly the same bit error every time, the graph never requants. The bit error is the variance in arrival, not necessarily time, but its position in the recepients input queue.  That is, when statistics match, then the mailman arrives, just at then when you come in from the field.  The path and variance along the path will have the theory of operation for farming the field, as seen by the mailman.  But it happens in a series of local exchanges, no one planned it.

In our everyday lifer we say, "boy is that obvious" because we infer we are a higher intelligence.  It is a delusion, boulders in an avalanche do the same thing.  If you forget that you are a simple channel stuffer, then you will get the Magic Walrus disease.

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