Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President of Yale does Kabuki

He says:
Yale President: Since last week’s presidential election, many in our community have expressed concern about the new administration’s proposals to move toward much more aggressive enforcement of immigration laws. Students and others at Yale and around the country have called for the creation of sanctuary campuses.
Yale’s commitment to its students is long-standing, and I am dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the supports and resources we have in place. We admit students without regard to immigration status, and our financial aid policies assure that no student will be denied an education because of immigration status. These policies will continue.
Whoopie Doo, the reality is:
Study USA: Getting your visa to study in the United States takes time but can be a surprisingly easy procedure. It is well worth the effort. In many countries, the number of student visas issued by the United States has grown significantly in the last year.
While the application process for an international student or exchange visitor visa can be confusing, hundreds of thousands of students are able to meet the requirements for a visa each year.
Last Year 644,204 F-1 Student visas were issued and there are currently 1.2 million students in the United States on F and M visas!After a college, university, or English language school has accepted you for admission to full-time study, the school will send you a document called an I-20 form, which is the application for an F-1 visa.
We sell educational services to foreigners, and Mr. Yale knows that.  But he has an easy cherry pick from the Book of Political Correctness, so he plays it, and get the old Doonesbury classic liberal cartoon vision.   His students likely to friggen dumb to notice.

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