Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sometimes I think its me

Like in this ground breaking work on emergent space time by Verlinde. I have the delusion that I ordered him to treat physics as a queuing problem and derive space/time as an outcome.

But I didn't, I have been stealing stuff from Verlinde and partners for quite some time, and regurgitating it on the blog.  This all started when I was one year old, for chrisakes, no way I could do this work:

The first indication of the emergent nature of spacetime and gravity comes from the laws of black hole thermodynamics [1]. A central role herein is played by the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy [2, 3] and Hawking temperature [4, 5] given by S = A 4G~ and T = ~κ 2π . (1.1) Here A denotes the area of the horizon and κ equals the surface acceleration. In the past decades the theoretical understanding of the Bekenstein-Hawking formula has advanced significantly, starting with the explanation of its microscopic origin in string theory [6] and the subsequent development of the AdS/CFT correspondence [7]. In the latter context it was realized that this same formula also determines the amount of quantum entanglement in the vacuum [8]. It was subsequently argued that quantum entanglement plays a central role in explaining the connectivity of the classical spacetime [9]. These important insights formed the starting point of the recent theoretical advances that have revealed a deep connection between key concepts of quantum information theory and the emergence of spacetime and gravity. Currently the first steps are being taken towards a new theoretical framework in which spacetime geometry is viewed as representing the entanglement structure of the microscopic quantum state. Gravity emerges from this quantum information theoretic viewpoint as describing the change in entanglement caused by matter. These novel ideas are best understood in Anti-de Sitter space, where the description in terms of a dual conformal field theory allows one to compute the microscopic entanglement in a well defined setting. In this way it was proven [10, 11] that the entanglement entropy indeed obeys (1.1), when the vacuum state is divided into two parts separated by a Killing horizon. This fact was afterwards used to extend earlier work on the emergence of gravity [12, 13, 14] by deriving the (linearized) Einstein equations from general quantum information theoretic principles [15, 16, 17]. w
Hat Tip to Bar DeLong for spotting this.

But, let's get to some nitty gritty here. First this is a read and re-read; it will be a classic. It is noty necessarily right or wrong, it is the new approach. At its heart, however, is a combinatrorial problem, especially at these high energies.  Thisd approach is headed to some theory involving set segmentation by primes, I guess, only uess.

And, that limits their ability to do summations, because the summation machine is necessarily dealing with he same combinatorics when it is efficient. Or, in other words, since the timespace 'enclosure' is an outcome, you have no guide to do Feynmans anyway, they become an after the fact verification.

So, the Feynman becomes the full three sided trading pit with spawn enabled, Singularity 1.0. Get ready, we're merging in the matrix.

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