Monday, November 7, 2016

The big fear among the central bankers

Pit.boss = StandardS&L
Pit.coin = "some virtual coin that is held"

What that does is give precision to the coin, it has measured risk, however low, the S&L channel is optimally stuffed.  Thus can be used in exchange.

The shopkeeper has a customer, wants to spend Bitcoin.  The shopkeeper sees his own card glow slightly red, the shopkeeper takes his card, scans the price beacon on the item, it is slightly red, this item has a volatile flow.

The shopkeeper says, even risk trade, transaction cost zero, make a new customer, deal done.  Wall Street, listen up, I can do this, and I know many others who can do this.  Do not try and control the flow, you will be harmed badly by these trading pits. Thy atre noy malicvious, hey just figure out blocked flows very fast, and isolate the typical sequence causing it, then some fool opens a trading pit, and you ate being hedged, like in a second.  You have no move, no exchange of queues that stop the portfolio from bleeding, you will be forced to run he graph, like the rest of us. Surrender now.

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