Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The California attempt to rig the election

The poll workers are deliberately instructed to not look at your photo ID, further, they are instructed to smile proudly as they not look.

The plot  problems, one it was pre-announced yearers ago by Pelosi on TV.  She said, plain and simple, the California Dems will rig the election so people with a certain shade of skin color get an advantage.  Right on TV, yelled it out so everyone could heat. Then the progressives went into their usual racist celebrations.  Just yesterday, Obama announced that vote rigging was perfectly fine, especially for people with a certain shade of skin color. Pay attention to Nancy, she is straight out of the ante bellum South in her attitude and pose, the slave plantation, owner's daughter, an inbred racists, it is in her genes.,

The progressives are idiots and color blind.  It is the new Asian immigrants who are voting, and they do not like taxes according to my stereotype Second, if you were known to deliberately rig California polls in 2016, you will never get a real job, it will be a black mark. And your racist prick governor won't have the welfare check to save your ass.  You will spend your life, liker Kevin Drum, serving taking Talking Points under control of some crooked magazine.

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