Sunday, November 13, 2016

The corporate structure under the new system

The issue in he inellient net is separating out secure transaction between peer smart cards and external enforcement by ethereum.  Find that separation by minimizing the flow, assume all transactions (money handling) costs in exchange go to zero, then remove the loops and un-necessay chains from the graph.  Drop 20% of the  little stuff. What we get is:

Some large number of smart cards have deded some of their spending authority to a corporate smart card, and once a year the owners of the smart card collection review the employment contract of the CEO.  At Walmart, all sales are between the customer smart card and corporate smart card.  The bounds in that corporate smart card are set by the known agreement of the share holder smart card. The CEO can 'thumb print' the corporate smart card into autotrade.

Not yhay this is correct or workable, but in a prime state, we can find a fundamental 'corporate graph' which is an operational graph that meets the requirements of a probability tree, the structured yearly balance sheet.

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