Sunday, November 13, 2016

The presidential regime change, a graph re-ordering

I pointed out that, as a channel, the maximum entropy federal condition, when the channel is stuffed, is that Texas and California swap a trillion in government goods,.

I see it happening in the map, all over the web.  Lists of government ministries, political order, payment sequences, re-ordering of favored groups; right now, their Pit.boss = MagicWalrus is swapping one theory for another, all the menus change, the balance sheet semantic change, and the balance sheet graph re-arranged.

While sub-channels of government streams, re-priced, two year effort. We do it every eight.

Bets are off on the recession

We slipped into red in 2008, and got a peak over the hump, noticing a repeating pattern.  The new theory of operation may be bounce along at low growth least the helicopter pilots start drinking. Sp, it is now really had to say the pattern is the same,the Huffman window has more events from the prior.

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