Monday, November 7, 2016

The Sotomayor effect

 Like the Kanosians, the legal theory is make shit up.

 The problem is law no longer works, except Nullification (called a hard fork for you ethereums).

It is, once again, the queueing problem.  Should anyone appeal to the law?  No, you get all bunched up in the court, the queue length no longer reveals knowledge.

So the concept: "Hey, let's throw this at the judge?

That no longer works thanks to Obama, Sotomayor and White.  I mean, today you have to hold shares in a corporation to have rights; or read Sotomayor's political mind.

The Euler delusion.

Politicians, judges, they get caught, they think they have this arbitrage moment in which their point of view can come through.  They literally think that God gave them little knobs they can turn back in the swamp.  What they fail to realize is the bunching effect, it is a disaster as everyone competes to get to the Swamp and make shit up.  Texas is not waiting another eight years, stuck at the end of the queue because a bunch of East Coast delusionals make shit up.

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