Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why I don't start a company on this

We do not have a technology problem.  We have a cry baby problem.  Executives who think the new technology must have gaps, were they can hold up.  .Not just bankers, Silicon Valley has the problem in spades.

The new trading pit will find these boneheads, They show up because their hysterical actions cause bots to jam the pit.  So we have these special conditions:

PC not working? Check if Steve Balmer is still at Microsoft.
Someone reading your smart card?  Likely Well Fargo is selling your stuff.
Is your iPhone completely hacked? Likely Tim Cook left an opening.
Cops read your mail? Google gave up the e mail addresses to the NSA
Junk mail? Meyers at Yahoo let your stuff get stolen, then lied about it.
Try to run the Oval Office? No can do, Hillary as already spilled all the beans.
Xbox not working? Steve Balmer is a clueless idiot.

What is it every time?  A frightened hysteric who fears, Omigod, I won't get my protected goodie.

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