Sunday, February 12, 2017

Big banks prep for sandbox

Fintech: HSBC has appointed a suite of tech advisers to help it use artificial intelligence, blockchain and biometrics to combat cybercrime and harness digital opportunities.
The technology advisory board, which comprises individuals from China, India, Israel and the US, will meet every quarter to advise and guide the bank on digital disruption, according to a January 17 statement.
The formation of a new tech board comes amid rising pressure on financial services firms to show how their investments in technology will benefit shareholders. Consultancy Oliver Wyman said in a report also published on January 17 that firms need to use new technology to make their businesses leaner.
They have a smart crew which knows what sandbox means. 

The advisor group is weak on auto trading  and price compression.  But they will get it soon a report back to their bosses to get ahead of the auto trade thing. Once the banksters get that we build a no arb, zero transaction cost cash layer then the bosses move, At that point they bring in their quant pros and go full bore publicly access fair trade pits. They will keep their quant folks busy designing markets out of Redneck Trading Systems, or a compatible supplier.

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