Sunday, February 12, 2017

Defining glitter goodies

Objects that glitter in the mall storesw, on the kiosks, on our LCD screens, are all tapable.  These object tell the smart card enough stuff to make deals.

What product stuff does the smart card need?

Dunno, haven't even talked about it, or looked. I imagine a lot of the stuff concerns existing product IDs already in standard use.

Here is the user action.

The customer enters WalMart, he taps his card on the entry way kiosk, and his card uploads all the stuff the customer is likely to buy.  In fact, the customer likely tapped on the WalMart shopping application which helps the customer use off card web services to track goodies. So the customer  smart card knows this is a WalMart shopping trip.

What is the stuff the smart card acquires to lets it intelligently bid for a goodie?  I will learn that, I suppose, I think it is coming up pretty fast in the sandbox.  WalMart will want all of its stores completely sandbox compatible.  The components of sandbox are appearing in the software markets fairly fast, and the techs seem to know what they do.

Products, actual goodies, are is their description layered in he pit? Are they all defined as a generic fulfillment contract? Is their a central category standard? How much ofthis can be made ad hoc, on an application basis. Remember the smart card comes with a core, protected spreadsheet functionality, it sees the world as a bunch of probability distributions, histograms really.n So, here is where WalMart can create their own definition of the produt world, just learn the adapt that definition to something tradeable.

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