Monday, February 6, 2017

Mini and Mac, coordinated deliverbots solve the last mile

The deliver bots we see are small, minis. They can prowl the sidewalks, go where pedestrians go. The usual trick is to deliver a pizza  

Small wheeled bots going everywhere  is especially true in the era of wheel chair enabled sidewalks.  Mini bot has a  great advantage because mini bot can waltz up to the front door and drop packages into the specially designed mail box.

On the other hand, maxi bot prowls the streets, a bigger wheeled adapted truck with a deliver arm, dropping bigger boxes off at the curb side box.

So here is the free patent!  Mini bot just hooks onto to maxi bot, goes along for the ride.  Reach a  house, stop, mini bot grabs the package from the truck and rolls up to the front door, delivers just like the wheeled mail man.  Mini bot hitches itself on and off of the rear of maxi bot.  

Perfect, send me my million dollar fee.

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