Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Timmy says cannot use the iPhone NFC

NFC World: 
The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has come out in support of the group of four Australian banks seeking stronger negotiation powers with Apple over the introduction of Apple Pay in the country, saying they believe access to the NFC functionality in the iPhone would allow retailers to provide “a richer and more convenient customer experience”.The ARA, which represents 5,000 independent and national retailers, says access to the NFC functionality will allow retailers to “develop or participate in mobile wallets that provided a consistent and fully integrated experience to all users regardless of their choice of smartphones” while also allowing loyalty programs, coupons and rewards to be “more effectively integrated into these mobile wallets”.
The problem for Apple is  low  penetration of Apple Wallet
 “Apple Pay has been growing steadily since launch, but its penetration is still quite low,” the research firm says. “In the app store, for example, it is used for only 1% to 1.5%  

Everyone gets access to NFC everywhere else.  Maybe Apple  users will  get a clue, then Timmy be sad. 

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