Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What does this mean 'privatize airtraffic control'

Bloomberg: U.S. carriers, with the notable exception of Delta, are pressing for Congress to transfer air traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration to a new not-for-profit entity similar to the model used in Canada to control airspace.
Large carriers such as American Airlines Group Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co. argue that the FAA’s structure and funding are unable to complete a long-delayed airspace modernization program and that the new organization would be more efficient and financially stable. Congress has declined to pursue the issue. But there could be a new movement from the House, especially since the airlines’ leading champion in Congress, Representative Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), won reelection. Shuster is chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and has close personal ties to Airlines for America, the industry’s trade group. 
Now do  not listen to the airlines, or government. Listen to me.

Privatizing the air traffic control means use the smart phone. .  Down load the approved app, it works just like Pokemen in the sky.  In fact, to make it simple, the smart phone could just put a heads up display with Pokeman himself telling you where to go.  Or, god forbid, let Pokeman fly the plane.

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