Saturday, December 17, 2016

According to A-list VC Peter Levine

In a nutshell, edge computing means that every artificially intelligent object will use vast amounts of processing power, the equivalent of hundreds or thousands of PCs. In other words, each device becomes its own mini data center."This is about very sophisticated end computing," Levine told Business Insider. "A self-driving car will have 200-plus CPUs. That's a data center on wheels."It wouldn't be practical for each device to use the cloud that smartphones do. Today, phones send everything to the cloud to be processed, the data is stored in the cloud, and the results are returned to the device.But a self-driving car would have too much data to shift to somewhere to be processed. And it will need the results immediately; it needs to know instantaneously when to break or speed up.Now imagine millions of artificially intelligent devices — cars, drones, medical equipment, manufacturing robots."You will never have enough bandwidth and speed on the network between for that," Levine said.So the devices will handle their own processing and storage, while the cloud will morph into the big strategic brains behind it all. These smart machines will send only the most important bits to the cloud. The cloud will analyze, then share what it learned with all of the devices.
What I have said, except Peter's vision cannot happen unless we price end point risk, Secure Smart Card. 

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