Thursday, December 8, 2016

Amazon Pay!

Business Insider: Amazon Payments enables customers to pay through their Amazon accounts while shopping on other e-commerce sites, saving them the hassle of entering their credit card and shipping info again. Since its launch, the product has gotten thousands of sites on board, but with only a few big names — like the inflight Internet service Gogo — making the list. In April, Amazon Payments launched a new Global Partner Program which allows e-commerce platform providers to easily integrate its service. TechCrunch reported at the time that Amazon has 285 million account holders, with over 23 million of them having paid through their accounts on other sites.
Amazon philosophy, close the unnecessary bottle necks.  They have something like 250  million account identities stored in their top secret node.  No story has appeared of anyone stealing accounts from Amazon. From the perspective cisco, this means that Amazon is well advised to write their own routers for the data center so the transactions are very carefully watched into and out of the secret node.

Secure Smart Card takes this one step further, the top secret node does not know your identity, it only knows the common key set, and may not even keep a copy of  private key held in the card. Details here are left to the pros.  But then you choose Secure Card pay and any online site will have the identical smart card and the two cards trade.  And, as a bonus, exactly the same process occurs when in store shopping.

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