Friday, December 9, 2016

An easy solution to block chain network effect issues

An intermediary between the miners and the transacters.

After a bitcoin transfer, the receiver dumps the transaction block ID onto a central tree  for verification, and the miners can take transactions from the tree.   Organize he tree according to willingness to pay, and use bid compression (pricing within a range) to match the incoming miners to the incoming transactions. You just solve the queuing problem. The longer path through the tree a miner tked, the cheaper his price, the longer path a transsaction takes up the tree, the more they are willing to pay.  Set cycle prices in real time to guarantee a stable tree.

Leaves more than one of these intermediaries around, the transaction, make sure to avoid double block chaining when the miners pick up from multiple intermediaries.

Which brings up the side issue, when do Smart Card request verification?  They are in no hurry, they have secure, honest exchange.  Bitcoin verification is an asynchronous process the smart card dopes when auto trading.  It will  ormally take and give to the standard S&L for some coin, and putting bitcoin block ID up for verification would be the same thing.  AUo trade are the bais application level.

Where is the auto trade code? I would think off the card in something called the generic trading bot.  In the pits, or on your telephone running Apple Wallet, on the home computer.  Smart card has near field communications, it can always be bio-certified to cooperate with an application, it can control that situation.

The card itself hold and exchanges digits and does basic operations with small distributions.  After that, it is 90% security, and many of the auto trade processes are security and consistency check operations..

Bet compressions on a tree

All you are doing is forcing two strm the compute their self -disentropy, or the residual distribution.  Also known as the stuff likely to come, or stuff in the pipe as measured by a probability distribution.  What is all that?  An intelligent buffering system with monetary feed back for control.   A great idea, and you know what, it is patent free, it is old technology,years old, in common use, no patents available.

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