Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cal Dems to go on a deficit spending binge of monstrous magnitude

This is a Calwatch report on Jerry and his unions going infrastructure spending.  As we all know, California does not do infrastructure.  No, we form committees of set asides, bribe aways, pension stuffers, trial lawyers, and environmentslists, genderitits, coloritisst, and even the secessionists get a seat.  The interest groups are generally not satisfied until they have globally warmed our state, and built nothing.
Sharing in a new emerging consensus in favor of substantial infrastructure spending, California Democrats have teed up the policy for early action in 2017, triggering renewed debate over the wisdom of funding the effort through significant new transportation-related fees and taxes.
Gov. Jerry Brown and other leading Democrats had signaled earlier in the month that infrastructure would be a priority in the new year. “It’s also expected to be one of [Donald] Trump’s first policy proposals,” Capital Public Radio noted — a rare area of overlap between Sacramento’s agenda and what soon will likely be Washington’s. While Trump has floated the outsized prospect of spending at the trillion-dollar level, some lobbyists pushing California Democrats for a robust package of their own are claiming “the state has tens of billions of dollars worth of backlogged projects, from congested bottlenecks to crumbling bridges,” according to the station. California Dems plan to go pension stuffing with borrowed funds

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