Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Consider the top four issues discussed between T and the geeks

  • 1. Immigration 
  • 2. Net Neutrality 
  • 3. Encryption 
  • 4. Cybersecurity
According to ABC

Pure cash needs technical freedom on all but 1.  Net neutrality to the bots means they pay the compressed priced, so the right to price remains.  2, No human sees the keys. 4 Keys maintained by autonomous bots at he fab, keys never transmitted, and keys optimally spread among groups across cards.  Cards can add keys under these rules with biometric match.

Who? Some standard that allows secure allocation of key space among smart card vendors and integraters.  Bank investors agree, among themselves, and crypto cops double check their plan; but bankers start the key allocation system rolling. 

Hardware vendors test their key gate arrays against hardware hacking tools, they get graded, their grade determines their digit limits on heir cards.  There is space in the security surface to trade risk with digit limits and red/.green limits.  

And bankers keep the fair bankrupting code, an interpretable code that will trade known assets.  inside the card, a . On bankruptcy, the card trades a fair settlement in the pit. This is for the bankers, saves them a ton of dough-re-me, and lets them price the risk of consumer bankruptcy much better.  Really, make sure the card can recognize its own bankruptcy, and settle in bankruptcy pit.

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